What to Expect From a Detox Center

detox center miami

Whether you are struggling with addiction or seeking detoxification services, there are various options available. A good detox center in Miami will provide a thorough assessment and treatment of your needs. The staff at these facilities will also take a look at your mental and emotional health and ensure that you are receiving the most effective treatment available. Many of these centers also offer dual diagnosis treatment for those who suffer from both addiction and mental health issues.

The Best Miami Detox Center

The best detox center miami will combine holistic practices and evidence-based therapies. They will also include relapse prevention as a major component of the program. These programs offer a variety of addiction therapies, including counseling for dual diagnosis, cognitive behavioral therapy, and trauma therapy. The therapists at these facilities will ensure that you feel comfortable during your stay.

South Miami Recovery has a multidisciplinary team of medical, psychiatric, and psychological professionals that provide holistic therapy and treatment. These professionals have extensive experience and advanced training in substance use disorders. The holistic treatments offered at the center focus on treating the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of addiction. The staff of the facility begins with an assessment and then implements a comprehensive plan to assist you in overcoming your addiction. The team also provides a variety of services, including cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness therapy.

In addition to offering detoxification services, many rehab facilities in Miami also offer relapse prevention services. These services include outpatient care, weekly counseling sessions, and support groups. There are also many private health insurance plans that will cover substance abuse treatment. If you have health insurance, you should contact your insurance provider and learn more about the various options available.

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