Promotional Flags – High Quality Promotional Bags With Great Design and Long Lasting Impact

Promotional flags are custom printed with dye sublimation onto high-quality vinyl. The result is a very high quality flag that can be designed in almost any colour. The flags can be designed for any number of purposes from company name and logo to simply stating ‘thank you for voting’. The flags can be designed in a number of different ways including adding a variety of patterns and colours.


The dye sublimation process used for creating a promotional flag is an extremely efficient method of producing flags of varying sizes, shapes and colours. The dye sublimation process also allows for very intricate designs. The resulting banners can be designed for various purposes including election signs, trade show displays, advertising on vehicles and much more. The promotional banner is not only designed for the purpose of advertising but also for the purpose of attracting the attention of those that pass by the business. Designing a promotional flag that stands out from the crowd is important in drawing attention to the company name, logo or message.


Custom made flags can be designed to meet specific requirements. Whether it be a large outdoor flag display at an expo or a custom made sign for an office building on the wide variety of uses that flags can be put to make a positive impact on potential customers and clients. Custom made promotional bags are also often used for the purpose of advertising and this form of promotional bag will not fade or wear off as easily as other forms of bag. Promotional bags will be highly durable, will stand up to repeated use by your target audience and will make a lasting impression.

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