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Excitement of Norwich City HockeyExcitement of Norwich City Hockey

Norwich is situated in the southeast area of England, bordered on two sides by Scotland and on one side by the Irish Sea. The original population of Norwich comprised of pagans and witches, who inhabited the place before the Norman conquest of 1066. A number of castles have been built from these old settlements, and the present town of Norwich was built around these reminders of a bygone era. This being the case, it’s not only the architecture that will impress you when you visit Norwich but also the atmosphere – if you can catch it while you’re there.

Cracking The Norwich City Hockey Code

Norwich has two professional teams, the Norwich City Jets and the Norwich Bears, and both play at the famous Norwich City Stadium, which is located within the city. This ground, which was designed to host football, baseball and other sporting events, holds several thousand people and has capacity for nearly twelve hundred spectators. Due to its size, however, this stadium isn’t used regularly, and instead is filled with soccer fans as well as hockey fans. The facilities are impressive, with several ice rinks, locker rooms and benches in addition to an auditorium, concession stands and restaurants.

Most ice rinks in the UK are manually operated, so you can expect some waiting time once you arrive and get onto the ice. It can take about twenty minutes for a team to be switched on and warm up on the ice, so if you’re arriving late to a game you may want to bring along snacks and water to keep you going. You may also want to consider bringing your own food and beverages, as Norwich restaurants usually offer a meal deal during festive seasons.