Best Flat Bar Road Bike For Sale

best flat bar road bike

With so many different manufacturers and models to choose between, finding the best flat bar road bike can be a daunting task. While there are a few things to look for in every bike that you buy, like brand name, price and build quality, there are so many other variables that can vary between bikes. If you’re looking to buy a bike, it is a good idea to do your research and understand all the options before you go out and buy one. Here are a few things that I would consider when trying to find the best flat bar road bike for sale.


The frame of the bike is obviously going to matter the most since it’s going to be the part of the bike that people will see first. I have found that aluminum frames are generally going to be the best for this type of bike, even though they are heavier and more expensive. Some people prefer carbon fiber frames for their bikes since they are light, especially if they travel a lot on their bike. The seat tube length is going to be important as well, especially if you don’t plan on riding long distances on your bike. At least try to find bikes with between five and eight inch seat tubes.


One of the best flat bar road bike for sale I’ve seen recently was made by Giant, and it has recently come available in the US. The Specialized Felt Tandem frame is great for those who are looking for a good solid road bike that’s not too expensive. It’s light weight makes it easy to maneuver, and it’s been designed with Giant’s Enduro frame concept in mind. I wouldn’t get my bike with a standard fork on it since the fork design won’t be strong enough to handle a mountain bike, but a free ride or hybrid fork could definitely be a good option for some people.

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